Saturday, April 10, 2010

Master's Update

My main man, Phil, was able to pull off TWO eagles in a row today at Augusta!  He actually almost had 3 (never done before in the history of the Master's) and missed the 3rd by just a few inches. 

He had a wonderful day, and I absoutely cannot wait to watch the final round tomorrow.

Good Luck, Phil.  I'll be rooting you on from the couch.  (Oh, and this is the first tournament his family has been at since last summer because of Amy's cancer treatments.  I'm not kidding that I will cry hysterically if he wins and Amy and the kids come onto the green with him.)

(I'm not going to lie........I'd love to be doing it drinking mimosas!!  Ah well, there is always next year!)


  1. I know I'm totally excited for him as well! I can't wait for tomorrow either! Have a good evening!

  2. Love Phil !! My brother is @ Augusta in Phil's gallery - wish I were there too.

  3. Wasn't it AWESOME!! I can't wait until tomorrow!

  4. My husband has a man crush on Phil, it's his favorite golfer. He's rooting for him too!


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