Friday, April 9, 2010

Things I am loving.............

**My Danskos and Privos.  Comfy shoes are a must in the last few weeks of pregnancy!!!

**The idea that I might someday wear something other than maternity clothes!!  Summer dresses, here I come!

Lilly and White House Black Market

**Washing baby onsies and putting them in their designated spots.  They're SO tiny!! 

**That Glee returns next week after Idol.  Though I do not have my normal infatuation with Idol this year (Adam Lambert, I miss you!!), I am still OBSESSED with Glee and am practically dying awaiting it's return!

**The diaper bag I received for my shower.  It's super chic (for a diaper bag!), and I've already started packing things in it.  I love seeing it in the nursery and knowing I'll be using it sooner than later!

**These workout pants from Old Navy.  They're still fitting around my huge 35 week belly, and they're cheap and comfy.  I have them in two colors and love them!

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Enjoy the sunshine if you have it!


  1. Love the Lilly dress and that is an adorable diaper bag - you'll have so much fun using it!

    Also, I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog right now!

  2. I cannot wait for Glee! Did you see them on Oprah? So good...They just make me happy!

  3. What a chic diaper bag, I just love it! And HOORAY for Glee! Makes my heart so happy!

    Wishing you a glorious sunny weekend!

  4. We are on the exact same schedule! I just washed all of our new baby clothes last night and did all the bedding so the crib is ready and his/her clothes are too! 3 more weeks till the nursery will be in use, and I can't wait either! Good luck with the last leg of your journey!!

  5. Love the diaper bag, and I am so excited for you! Hurray!

  6. Oh my goodness, the image of the tiny little clothes makes it seem more real, and I'm not even having the baby! (But it does!)

    You picked some pretty dresses, and your diaper bag is one elegant-looking accessory! I hope you are able to enjoy the upcoming weekend, may it be warm and sunny!

  7. Wow.. last WEEKS of pregnancy! How exciting :o) Here's to a happy and healthy you and Baby!!

  8. Just found your blog; it is adorable! You have a new follower :)

  9. That is a great looking diaper bag. I have gone through a couple of them - I am never happy with them after I start using them.


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