Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Christmas gifts, anyone?

I know it's really early to start thinking about Christmas, but Totsy is having a great sale on Melissa and Doug toys today.  I love this line as they are wooden, most often educational, and don't make constant noise!! 

A few of my favorites are below................

(I think all families should have an easel.  It's a great gift if you have a family gift you need to give.  Great for creativity, playing school, learning, etc)
There are also kitchens, activity tables, and car tracks that would be awesome gifts for the 1-6 year old. 

Click here if you need an invite to Totsy.  I will say it's a lot of kids clothing, but they also have maternity wear, bedding, and toys on a regular basis.  Even if you are not a mom, it's a great site for gift giving!!


  1. Never too early to think about Christmas shopping! :) I imagine that applies even more when you have children! I agree, every kid should have an easel. The one I had growing up was one of my most favorite things in my playroom :)

  2. My nephew would have a field day with that workbench! :)

  3. Oh my, I don't think I can handle thinking about Christmas while I am still on vacation! It must be so fun for you, though, with a sweet little boy to shop for.

  4. These are so adorable. Love the ideas! Thank you!


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