Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lobster party- appetizer

Seriously, this is WAY yummy and way healthy.  And still so incredibly pretty on a plate. 

Cucumber (fresh from the garden)
Watermelon (we used yellow, pink would be just as cute)
Feta (the block kind, not the crumbled kind)
Cracked black pepper

Peel the cuke, score with fork and slice.  Place on skewer.  Chunk the watermelon, place on skewer.  Cut the feta into squares, place on skewer.  Be careful with the feta as it is soft and will crumble easily.  Mince the mint and sprinkle over top.  Grind some pepper over top.  Serve on a white tray with extra mint for garnish.  Done! 

I got a ton of compliments on this- you will too!

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  1. Oh, this sounds delicious AND relatively easy! Crowd pleaser!


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