Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's time for *THE* party

Yup, the annual L'Arbre Croche Lobster Party is upon us this weekend.  I have been blessed to attend this awesome event for the last 5 years and I am super excited to be able to introduce SYT this year.  Well, you all know about the drinks we'll be having, and the pants he'll be wearing (lobster pants every year until they fall apart), but what about me??

I'll be wearing the Cormick dress from LP as seen below

My MIL bought it for me as a gift after SYT's birth.  A great gift for a newly postpartum mom- easy to nurse in, and not tight around the waist.  Love it!  I have needlepointed lobster sandals that will make their annual appearance as well. 

SYT has a darling Petit Bateau outfit in all white that he is going to wear.  Hopefully we'll get a few decent pictures while we are there that I can post next week.  My mom is going to come pick up the buddy from the party at around 7ish so that we can enjoy the rest of the night eating, drinking, and dancing.  Plus, this will get him to bed in good time and keep him on his schedule. 

I'll try to compile enough Lobster party attire from the other guests in attendance to highlight here as well.  We'll see how stealth I can be in that!  Hopefully you all have great weeknd plans as well.  Can you believe it's already AUGUST!  My goodness time has flown by this summer!


  1. Have a blast!!! This dress is adorable and I can't wait to see pictures of SYT's outfit!

  2. Ohhh Have fun! I remember you telling us about the lobster pants from last year, and I think the best!

  3. So fun! I remember being jealous of your lobster party last year! Can't wait to see pics...


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