Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lobster Party- the set up

So, here starts the lobster party.
The tables are set with checked tableclothes, lanterns, buckets for lobster and clam shells, and table names to tell you where to sit.  The beach is cleared and just waiting for all the excitement.
Let the cocktailing begin.  The cocktail "hour" usually lasts about two, and it's a chance for all those who come for this part of the summer to catch up or get reaquainted.  It's also a chance to check out who's wearing what, hear all the latest gossip, and to get family pictures for the Christmas card by the dunes.  Appetizers and drinks are brought by each family as they await their lobster and filet dinner (the best part of this year's dinner was definitely the sweet corn- no butter, no salt, no pepper, just the perfect ear of corn).
After the delish dinner, the dancing begins.  The Jelly Roll Blues Band plays ever year, and they couldn't be more fantastic.  Kids, adults, grandparents- everyone hits the dance floor and enjoys the amazing summer night.  The just barely chilly air makes you feel alive, and the band sings Van Morrison as you dance with your dad, your mom, your husband, your newest baby. 

It's always a night to remember.  Thanks H&D for sharing it with us year after year!!

ETA: There were about 400 people this year.  Last year it was 550, the biggest ever.  It really is a HUGE deal.


  1. cannot believe how many people were there!



  2. sounds like SUCH fun!
    i love a beach party, lobstah and dancing!
    ps: please stop by and enter my giveaway for a monogrammed tote -- new mamas can never have enough!

  3. Looks like a blast! Where's a shot of those lobster sandals ;)

  4. That looks like such fun! After seeing a few of these events featured in blogs by you lovely northeastern gals, I have decided I must head that way next summer. Cooler climate, lovely weather and lobster parties and clam bakes. Perfect!


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