Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Scene:  B and I are sitting on the couch, I'm checking my email, Junie is in between us, and B has the remote control (SYT is upstairs asleep)

Background music on the tv is Leona Lewis's "Keep Bleeding"

Me:  "What are we watching?"

Him:  "America's got Talent"

Me:  "Wow, we've sunken to a new low."

Him (after one minute of watching):  "Um, this is horrid.  I've got to switch over to Bourdain"

Moral of the Story?  Please, please fall television, come back soon.  This household can't watch any more awful tv!!!!


  1. Hi! Just visiting your blog for the first time...such a cute family...fun posts (I read a bunch. I concur - nothing on TV)...makes me miss New England (I think that's where you a are) The Lobster Party pics had me thinking of Maine. Hope your little man is all better. I agree, nothing worse than a sick baby! Tessa

  2. couldn't agree more! Thank goodness for Mad Men on Sunday nights!

  3. I know what you mean. It can get pretty bad. I feel so out of the loop after being gone for a year. I almost didn't know any of the shows mentioned during the Emmys. Lots of catching up to do...

  4. Oh my gosh, again, we are the same person...I hardly ever comment but I love your blog and my little one was born a few weeks before SYT :) Anyways, my husband and I had the SAME conversation last night with our dog between us on the couch as well! I hate America's Got Talent, and I am so looking forward to new shows coming back soon!!


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