Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lobster party- SYT

SYT joined us for the first half of the Lobster Party and then my mom came to pick him up around 8:30 (his bedtime!)  It was wonderful to have him there and be able to show him off.  He loves being passed around and smiling at whomever is holding him.  Too bad we have yet to capture his amazing smile on camera. 
(outfit by Petit Bateau from Aunt H)
Loving the lobster print sunhat!  It was a little big on him, so he didn't wear it very long.  It'll be great for next summer though.

Getting some love from Aunt E

And more love from Uncle A!


  1. These have all been such fun posts, looking at the lobster apparel is too fun! But this one is the best, I can't get over what a personality your little love bundle has developed, wow! The photos are amazing and the lobster hat is too cute.

    Belated Anniversary wishes to you both, that was a lovely post.

  2. What a precious little guy! So glad he was able to join the party for a little bit!

  3. Aw, he couldn't be any more darling! What a beautiful family.


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