Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mini peppers

We have one plant in our garden growing mini peppers.  They are way too cute!  They taste just like regular peppers but are tiny.  B thinks they aren't worth it as they still have a ton of seeds, but the seeds are edible, so you can basically pop it all in your mouth and take in all the seeds or eat around the outsides like an apple which keeps most of the seeds out of your system.  I'm glad we're growing regular bell peppers as well, but these are just so cute and they make me so happy!

Here they are in comparison to a regular green bell pepper.

Anyone else growing these?  Or anything else that is a little more off the beaten path?  We're starting to think about what we are going to grow next spring as we already know we need to do a few thing differently, so I'd love to hear what is flourishing in your garden!!


  1. hmmmm..those would be good stuffed with some goat cheese! YUM!

  2. I got mini peppers like this in my CSA last week and they were SOO adorable and delish!

  3. Ummm.... can we chat about the value of "cute food," loved just for its adorability factor? The peppers clearly qualify!

    Sending you a smile,

  4. Glad I just found your blog! Love the mini peppers and can't wait to read more of your blog this weekend! ;)


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