Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I know many of you out there are cupcake lovers. I've seen you blog about them multiple times, and I know how good they can be when done well. I also know that they are perfect for parties- already individualized, no knives needed, and so much fun. So, for today, here are two fun cupcakes items!

1. When we hosted our party two weeks ago, I decided to finally try these cupcakes that I've had starred in my google reader for forever. They did NOT disappoint. So far I have yet to try a recipe from Annie's blog that isn't good. She picks great recipes, and she lets you know what to do differently if the recipe doesn't work for her the first (or second) time. Mine didn't look exactly like this (my piping was a little more uneven), but all the guests loved the flavor and B and I definitely could channel Sonic while eating them.

Photo courtesy of Annie's Eats

These, these, and these are next on my list. Any preferences out there? I'll make a batch and post pics and a review if anyone is interested?

Also, next week on Martha it is cupcake week! If you are a devotee, make sure you DVR the week for tips, tricks, and recipes. This would be a great week to DVR if you are a mom and planning any birthday parties in the foreseeable future!

Off to study. Boards in two days. Sorry if my commenting leaves much to be desired this week. I absolutely have to pass this test, or I just spent three years of my life in school for naught. Hopefully that won't be the case though :)


  1. Those look so yummy! Thanks for the head's up on Martha's cupcake week. I got her new cupcake book for my bday, but haven't tried any yet. I'm setting the DVR tonight!

  2. keep on kickin' butt and those cupcakes are beyond presh!


  3. Those cupcakes look delicious!!! I agree, the price isn't an issue since it takes so long to get through the Oscar Blandi bottle. Thanks for the advice with incorporating a mirror into my wall of paintings, letters and pictures!

    Have a lovely day! Stay dry out there!

  4. I love cupcakes! And those look delicious!

  5. Those cupcakes look almost too pretty to eat!

  6. Those look so yummy. I just recently found a recipe for Arnold Palmer cupcakes by Paula Dean. I can't wait to try them!


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