Sunday, July 19, 2009


This is what the weather in Chicago looked like all weekend. Gray, gray, and grayer! There were occasional peeks of sun, but nothing that lasted more than a few minutes here and there. The high only got to about 71 in the city! And it's JULY!! This summer has just not felt much like summer here. Maybe this means we'll get an Indian summer and a longer fall? Who knows?? I'm trying to still wear a lot of my fun summer clothes even though it's weird to wear them when it's not sunny and warm out!

Crazy, crazy weather!! Have your summers been normal in terms of weather? Is it just the Midwest that's being weird?

On the other hand, we were able to get in quite a bit of fun this weekend, including a wonderful dinner at Home Bistro on Halsted. It was wonderful (and BYOB)!


  1. yuck o- it was sunny from about 1-5 here this afternoon and I capitalized on that, but otherwise we had the same weather- I actually wore polar fleece during the day yesterday?!

    was the start of the regatta fun at least?! if nothing else- the only way it could have been colder was if you were on one of the boats' crew! shudder!


  2. The weather in NY was miserable for June. Rain almost every single day. But, recently it has been sunny and mild...beautiful! Hopefully the sun will shine over you soon!

  3. Sorry to hear your weekend had not-so-good weather!! Our weather in PA, is far from normal, it's always a bit cooler than usual, which is not fun at all, when you want to go swimming, and now I'm on vacation in GA where it is usually sweltering hot this time of year, and tonight, we actually ate dinner inside because it was so chilly outside at night. I hope this weather gets better soon!

  4. I hope it clears up. We have had a terrible summer hear in New England. Hopefully the sun will come out soon and will stay until November!

  5. I was at Trader Joe's yesterday purchasing the new Pomegranate Limeade. The cashier said that the beverage was a good drink on a hot summer day. I asked him when summer was coming to the Chicago area.
    My husband's birthday is June 24th. I think that was it for summer with the warm weather.

  6. I participated in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life on Friday and Saturday. The low temp was around 50. The weird thing was that 50 degrees in February, Wisconsinites are running around in shorts and t-shirts. 50 degrees in July, and they've got multiple layers, coats, hats and mittens on! My only concession to the cold was wearing fleece. Very un-preppy I'm sure!


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