Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A lovely baby gift

Wouldn't this just make the most unique and gorgeous baby gift? I think slings are a wonderful gift for a new mom, and a lot of my friends really enjoyed theirs. It keeps the baby close and cozy while still allowing the mommy to have two free hands to fold the laundry, prep for dinner, walk around shops or a farmer's market (without a stroller), or just sit and sip coffee. This sling from Serena and Lilly is made of a gorgeous flax linen and with such neutral color surely won't clash with any outfits that the mom may wear. Plus the hand embroidery is just stunning. I would love to receive this as a gift, and I bet any of your friends would as well.

Tell me, moms out there- did you have a sling? Did you use it regularly?


  1. no sling - wasn't my thing. I did use a baby bjorn with #2 and it worked out great. Although this is a lovely sling.

  2. I don't have kids yet, but that sling is a beauty! I love the detail!

  3. That is a beautiful sling. A lovely present for a new Mom. Very nice.

  4. It is beautiful, but I'd be so nervous the sling would break and my baby would fall onto the pavement!!! I'd be better off with one of those baby backpack things!

  5. I wish I could have. The sling looks lovely.

    My daughter wanted to be held upright & by my shoulder all the time. It was very frustrating as I got nothing done. My son (born a year later, he was also 9 lbs) was pretty happy to be left hanging out in his baby carrier. Maybe my kids were weird?


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