Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fantastic sale at VV

I've been getting the Vineyard Vines Whale of a Sale updates since last week, but I haven't really looked at the site at all. I've just been too busy, and since we are trying really hard to save $$ right now for a home purchase, I don't feel super comfortable spending my disposable income this summer. I'd rather save it for furniture, paint, etc that we'll hopefully see in our new future!

Well, this a.m. I took a look at their site, and there are some adorable things on sale, especially in the men's section! I'm loving:

I do not have the legs for these, but they would look fantastic on the right person!

This dress is adorable, easy to wear, would look great with a fun, colored shoe, and comes in two other colors!

My favorite piece! You could wear this anywhere!

We attended a lobster party each summer, and if B didn't already have a great pair of lobster pants, I would snap these right up!

Perfect summertime "go to hell" pants. Also great for a super preppy, fashionably daring sailor. B could probably be convinced into these :)

Cute board shorts

Cotton/cashmere sweater. Perfect for chilly summer nights and the rest of the year. Probably the most dollar/wear item on their website!

Cool swim trunks. They have a large selection of colors in their swim trunks. All of them are very fun.

Cute patchwork shorts. Great for a cocktail party by the lake.

Love this polo. The underside of the collar is the same color as the stripes. I adore when companies add little twists like this (one of the reasons I love the Salmon Cove polos so much!)

Anything over there you're planning to buy? There are also some cute kid's clothes for all of you mommies out there!!


  1. Great finds! I need to check out some of their menswear for husband!

  2. Ack! I already stocked up on lots of little girl's items when I was in the Martha's Vineyard store (plus, it felt more authentic that way!).

    Please stop by when you have a chance to enter my All Modern giveaway!

  3. I got those bermudas a couple weeks ago in Washington D.C.!

  4. thanks for the heads up- I told my sis for her boyf- in terms of being in the preppy deep-end, VV is more easy to stomach, if you will, for a guy than some Lilly gear is- however adorable it is!


  5. Such cute items! I am loving the skirt.
    P.S. I don't think I read the Gemma books by the Ballet Shoes author. I probably would have loved them though! Thanks for the heads up.

  6. I love the dress! I am trying to save for the fall line though ;)

  7. Gosh, did you ever find some gems! We have long loved the lobster pants, but TSU (The Spousal Unit) does not share our sentiments. The Salmon Cove guys are doing a bang-up job, their stuff looks great!

    BTW, the shoes in yesterday's post are darling, what a wonderful find!


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