Friday, July 31, 2009

Off to the cottage...........

Tonight we have our first obedience class with Junie B! I'm excited for the classes as there are definitely things we all need to learn! She's great at sit, down, and stay. Not so good at come (basically she has no idea what it means), and she's not the best when distracted by other things.

Tomorrow EARLY morning (oh, about 5:30ish??) we're heading to Michigan for the week. Glorious!!!! The weather report isn't fabulous, which makes me incredibly sad, but at least it's vacation!

While we are there we will be......................

Hanging out with family
B and his brothers

Our darling nieces and nephew

Attending the Lobster Party on the beach and dancing to the Jelly Roll Blues Band

Watching gorgeous sunsets over the bay

Kayaking from Gram's beach

Hanging out on one of these
I've never been on a pontoon boat before!!

Shopping during Sidewalk Sales (and hoping to score a new Lilly!)

Taking long bike rides

Going to Mackinac Island for a day trip

hanging out with these lovely ladies

and celebrating our first year of marriage!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the church where we were married

I'll try to get a post or two in next week, but it'll be sporadic and light!! Enjoy life- I'll be checking in as much as I can!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. looks like a lovely weekend, enjoy!

  2. Have a great time! I just love it Up North!!!

  3. I'm in Door County for 10-12 days, I'll wave at you from our beach on Lake Michigan :)

    have a ball and happy anniv :)


  4. Oh, you are heading away at such a perfect time, and to our favorite part of the state! Have a fabulous, wonderful time!

    Congratulations on your 1st Anniversary too!

  5. That all sounds just amazing! Your little nieces and nephews are so so cute. I hope it is all just fantastic.

    Congratulations on your anniversary!!


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