Monday, July 27, 2009

Dog days of summer

Junebug and I went to the vet this a.m. after I found out that they were cancelling me from work today. When we adopted her, the shelter had told us to bring her to the vet in August for a full check up. Well this last week she's developed an insane rash on her belly and under her armpits, so to the vet we went today!!

The vet was fabulous. I'm so glad we lucked out with him. He was able to answer all my questions and even drew me some pictures. Cute! Apparently, JB has pyoderma (or something like that) which is basically staph infection of the skin. We're on antibiotics for two weeks as well as a special shampoo and a soothing skin spray. She also is starting on an ear wash just to keep her inner ear cleaned out (apparently Mastiffs can be prone to ear infections if not cleaned regularly). YIKES!! We'll be doing lots of grooming over the next few weeks, but as long as she feels better and we can stop this awful itching, it's fine.

We have to go back to the vet in two weeks to see if the antibiotics have cleared everything up and to see if we can figure out why this rash occurred in the first place. The vet doesn't think it's allergies as she isn't really displaying other symptoms, but we'll see. Hopefully it's just a one time thing, and we can all get back to our normal lives! Luckily she is not acting different at all (besides the crazy itching), so we know she's still feeling well.

On the other hand, her momma (me) is not feeling the best today. I felt fine all morning and had a good workout at the gym after the vet apt, but this afternoon I have been insanely dizzy. I have no idea why. Hopefully it's just dehydration or something. I've been pumping myself full of fluids this afternoon. I know it's not an ear infection, and other than the weird spinning, I feel fine. Anyone know anything about dizziness and can help me out???


  1. Allergy pills and nasal spray really help vertigo

  2. feel better sweetheart and thank you for the kind words- it means so much to me :)


  3. Great picture! I hope you are feeling better!


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