Thursday, July 30, 2009

My favorite cheap beauty product

Is it totally embarrassing that I'm using Wet and Wild products on a daily basis? Should that have gone out the window once I graduated from 8th grade? If so, call me "M the Most" (a funny college term for totally embarrassed). But, seriously, if you aren't using these lipliners, you must try them out! They're only $0.99 and the other day I picked up a few extra because they were an additional 30% off at my grocery store. Yup, my favorite beauty item for $0.70!! I have two of the in my beauty arsenal. My neutral, wear everyday, casual color is #666 (I struggle with writing that, but it's the number on the packaging). The other more plummy, go out for dinner, great with a smokey eye or when you just need a little more color is #711. I don't use the lipliner as it is intended. Instead I trace the outside of my lips, fill in the entire lip area, and throw a neutral lip gloss over top. I find that the lipliner stays on much longer than a lipstick, and I only have to touch up the gloss throughout the day. I've been using both of these since college, and I'll be using them as long as they continue to make them!!

Please tell me that one of you out there also uses a ridiculously cheap beauty product and then share with me so that I can seek them out :)


  1. I think I'm going to look into this! Do you remember their blue nail polish? That color started the whole Hard Candy craze in my opinion!

  2. Every now and then I crave drugstore cosmetics. I use Cover Girl's outlast lipstain and their lasblast luxe (the tinted one) mascara on a regular basis.

  3. I used to wear #666 in college! Because InStyle always had it on its best beauty buys list, year after year. I haven't worn lipliner in a long time, but that is how I wore it too, as a lip stain under gloss! Well done!

  4. I use covergirls lash blast mascara, I'm telling you it is $10 well spent!!


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