Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bottle labels?

Quick post......

I need to find a way to label SYT's bottles for daycare.  Something a little cuter and more durable than athletic tape and sharpie marker please!!  Any ideas for me?  Of course this would come up less than 12 hours before I take him for the first time!!

Please pray for me today............
Pray that I don't lose it too many times at work.
Pray that my son will take a few good naps without B or me putting him down. 
Pray that the providers in his infant room are careful with him and kind to him.
Pray that I made the right choice.
Pray that my heart will ache less someday than it does right now!


  1. Maybe cute paper and clear packing tape for tomorrow and then maybe you can order some or something. Good luck!!!

  2. wish I could help with the label issue, but you all are in my thoughts and prayers for as smooth of a tomorrow as there can be... and remember that this is just a moment, not forever if it feels too crazy!



  3. I hope everything goes smoothly!

    I like Mabel's Labels:

    There are also a bunch on Etsy

  4. It's so hard... Your heart will ache and you will miss him terribly... but that is what is making you a good mama. Hang in there. We'll be thinking of you! XOXO

  5. Thoughts and prayers for a good day!

  6. One of our friends has twins and she has these cute elastic type wraps for the bottles (think livestrong bands with the kids name on it). IF you want the info, I'll see if she still has it!

  7. Hi sweetie, I hope today went well! Thinking of you! I know you'll miss him terribly but he's such a good baby, he'll do great, and he'll be sooo happy to see you when you pick him up! I too was going to suggest the elastic bands that Jessi above commented, I'll try to find the link to where I recently saw them, they are super cute! xoxo PS - going to email you on FB, let me know if you are still interested in possibly getting together this weekend in MI! :)

  8. I hope your day went well ~ it's so hard to leave that sweet little face.

    Do you have a Cricut machine or know of someone who does? If so, you could cut vinyl letters {like a monogram}} and adhere them to his bottles.


  9. I am sure he will do great. My advice as a mom who has BTDT is to focus on work while you are there and try not to think about him (don't call and check if you can stand it). The day will go much faster if you focus on work instead of thinking about his day. Trust me I know from experience.

    As far as labeling the bottles, use a label maker. We have a container we use to transport baked goods and we put a label on it with our last name and that label has been on there for over a year!

    I am hoping your first days back went well!

  10. I just saw these cute band labels that are non-adhesive, reusable, dishwasher and microwave safe. They are Inchbug Orbit Labels. You can find them at


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