Tuesday, July 13, 2010


BYT, SYT, and I went for dinner tonight at our favorite Grand Rapid's restaurant (so far).  The reason we went on a family date in the middle of the week?

TO CELEBRATE MY HUSBAND'S NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, today he was offered a position with a local logistics company after a lengthy interview process.  It's currently a 6 month contract gig (they are really busy) but as long as everything goes well, they'll be discussing permanent employment in December!  My oh my, we are sooooo excited around here today. 

They wanted him to start today (um, yes, today!) but he is starting Thursday and it'll kind of be part time over the next two weeks while we get day care figured out (as I am going back to work on Monday).  I'm feeling a lot little overwhelmed with the fact that they want him right now and baby SYT doesn't have anywhere to go yet.  Anyone want to come live in GR for 6 weeks while we get stuff organized?  Starting next week?  We're great cooks, we have a fully furnished extra bed and bath, and B's really funny! :)  Hopefully I'll have great things to report by the end of the week re: all this stuff.

Want to know what big dorks we are?  Our first financial discussion after figuring out what B's paychecks would be revolved around which college acct we would open.  Yup, not "oooh, can I finally get the graduation present I wanted" or "oh, I've been eyeing this great new dress", but hey, we have a kid now and college is only 18 years away, so let's get on it!!  Oh yeah, and the fact that at the next grocery store run we need diapers as SYT has grown out of his size ones and is into size 2s.  Oh, the excitement of new parents :)

But, in all seriousness, I'm SO proud of my husband and so glad that he will be able to use his brain cells for the good of this new company.  They're lucky to have him!! 


  1. CONGRATS!!! That is such exciting news. I hope the transition goes well for everyone. What a relief though!

  2. That is AWESOME news!!!! Congrats to your husband, and to you -- you managed to weather the storm, and now everything is falling into place!!

  3. I'm so glad! Maybe the economy is picking up around here! My bf had a job interview last week and my friend has one tomorrow. All good signs :)

  4. Yayee!!!!!!!!
    Congrats! Must be such a relief...

  5. Oh my gosh - what fabulous news!!!!! Congrats, B!!!!!!!!!!!


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