Saturday, July 17, 2010

Things I learned last week

I like this
MUCH better than this
Soy milk tastes funny to me, but almond milk tastes like milk.  Perfect for cereal, and, while I need to read a little more, I think I'll be able to use it in recipes too!!


I really want to order at least 5 of these.

I pack my lunch every day, and these would come in so handy.  Plus, though I try to be really good and use tupperware as much as I can or reuse my sandwich bags, these would work really well and are dishwasher safe.  Definitely an awesome find!


Either this

or this

is destroying our garden.  One of them (or both?) ate our first cucumber and our only slightly red tomato.  Plus a ton of our leaves on our squash and cucumber plants are gone.  So today, B is out getting fencing and a spray to keep them away.  I've worked hard on this garden and I would like to harvest some of these veggies for myself, darn it!!


I do not like
the British Open nearly as much as the other 3 majors.  I don't have a reason for this, but it is just not as enthralling to me as the others.  It is cool/interesting to see the balls just FLY because of the wind, but other than that, I feel very meh about golf this week.

That's what's on my mind.  What's on yours?


  1. I was just thinking that it is hot as hell in NYC and that I am glad I worked out and I should really get in the shower. Also, that I am pretty happy that I can drink cow milk! xo

  2. I was just saying to Mr. SS today, that the British just isn't as exciting as the Masters. That is the one I really get into.

    And I wish I had tried almond milk, when I was nursing Little T (dairy allergy). I just never liked the taste of soy.

  3. I have been drinking almond milk for years! I love it! Have you tried the chocolate flavour? YUM!


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