Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Giveaway Time!

Remember my post where we had pictures on the boat as we were going out to dinner?  Remember how I said this pic looks like a Ralph Lauren ad?

Well, friends, I would like to introduce you to my friend Andy.  We've been friends since we were 5, and he's one of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet.  He's an elementary teacher, a sailor, a husband, a bulldog owner (TPP- Tilly would LOVE Ruby their dog!), and a small businessman. 

He has offered to do a giveaway in order to introduce you all to his small business, and I know that you all will love it!  Andy has designed a logo and created a company called Gybe-Ho.  He did men's and woman's for awhile (and for sure needs to bring back at least the adult baseball hats b/c they are awesome and EVERYONE I know who has one loves them!) but right now he is focusing strictly on babies and kids.  He has offered any item of your choosing off his website to one of my readers.  This could be for your child, for a gift to give away at a baby shower, for a new niece or nephew, or for your best friend's 3 year old who has a birthday coming up. 

A few of my favorite products are:

The lemon onsies with the blue sailboat
which has this on the back.......

 (too cute huh??)

The light blue infant tee with the red sail

The perfect shirt for the little sailor's 4th of July next year!
(Oh and this one is on sale!!)

The navy toddler tee

And the green toddler tee

(because it's never too early to start them in pink and green or put them on their first sailboat!)

So, if you know a little one who would look just adorable as all get out in their Gybe Ho clothing, enter this giveaway!  Here are the rules:
1.  Go to Gybe Ho's website, pick out your favorite product, and leave me a comment for one entry
2.  Become a follower (or let me know you already are one) for entry number 2
3.  Become a fan of Gybe Ho's facebook page.
(You must leave separate comments for each please!!)

I'll pick a winner Sunday night, so you have 5 days to get an entry in.  I know the kiddo in your life would look simply darling in one of these little shirts!!  Also, if you have any ideas for other products you would love to have with from this line (baby sun hats, toddler shorts, etc), let me know in the comments as well!

Oh, and you also must go look at the gallery page.  My besties twins are on it and they are sooo cute!!!!  The curls at the end of their hair are making us all swoon this summer!


  1. That is SO funny...I ordered JCW a Gybe Ho hat a few years ago. I thought it was a great gift for a sailor...ramdomly found it online.

    The toddler tee would be great for his neice or newphew! I am a follower! xx

  2. This is an amazing company! Perfect for all the little sailors in our lives! I am loving the onesies! Perfect for meeting Daddy on Mackinac Island next year after the Chicago to Mackinac Race!

    (I am a follower and fan of Gybe-Ho on facebook)

  3. Way to go Andy! These products look great! I'm loving the heather gray onesie with the pink saleboat. I'd love it for my brand new niece. I am a follower. Best of luck to Andy!

  4. How cute! I wish they would bring the hat back-- I would love it! There are a few little sailors in my life who would love the navy toddler tee!

  5. these are darling, too bad I know not any sailor babies, Andy, you have a hit on your hands!


  6. LOL! At first I thought you were giving away Andy and I very excited! hahaha
    The t-shirts are adorable and would look so cute on Baby Nephew...

  7. I love the onsie with the red sailboat, I have a few friends with little ones that this would look adorbs on!

    I follow!

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  8. I like the Grass Toddler Tee.

  9. I love the grass green toddler shirt with white boat on it...super cute

  10. Cute! Thanks for sharing about this company. My favorite item is the Heather Grey Onesie!
    froggybogg (at) gmail (dot) com

  11. I became a follower!
    froggybogg (at) gmail (dot) com

  12. This is so cute! I would love one of the little onesies. I have SO many friends having babies these days ... this would be a really cute gift!

  13. Oh goodness, what simply precious things! Your friend Andy is very talented, not to mention Tilly appreciates knowing his taste in pooches!
    (I'm not entering, having been much too fortunate of late in giveaways, but just had to comment on the fabulous products!)

    Sending you a smile,


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