Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Light Postings..........

We are currently up here
enjoying the week with family and friends. 

I'll try to get another post or two in this week, but it may not happen. 

 I'll try as this big girl

and this little guy

miss you all!

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July.  It was hotter than blazes up here (90 degrees and humid- uggg!) so it wasn't the best day ever, unfortunately.  I do get a little testy when it's hot out.  I was born and bred for tundra like weather!  Plus trying to keep a baby out of the sun is hard work, peeps (for those of you who are not already moms, they can't wear sunscreen until at least 6 months)! 

It has since cooled off a bit and we've gotten to have some enjoyable moments including playing with the pup in the water, my 86 year old grandmother babysitting for SYT, 2 parties, golf for BYT, etc.  Looks like rain tomorrow, but hopefully the rest of the week will be beach afternoons.  BYT and I are also going on a date, just the two of us while we are here.  I bought a new top to wear- here's to hoping he thinks that this 7.5 week post-partum women looks decent enough to go out with :)

I have lots to tell you once we are back to "real life" including pics of the most darling little outfit for SYT, a new diet for his momma (including why this had to kick in), and a GREAT pink and green Thursday. 


  1. jeally! and baby boy is darling!



  2. Ooohhhh fun! Have a great trip and enjoy your date!

  3. Cute cute cute!!

    Check out California Baby sunscreen. The baby I nanny for uses it when they are in Palm Springs. I know there is quite a debate about using suncreen before 6 months but Henry's ped. said it is important to use something if the baby will be in the sun at all. Check with your ped and see what they say. Some doctors feel the 6 month rule is no longer necessary now that they have sensitive, chemical free sunscreens. I'm not a mom OR doctor so that is just my two cents ;)

    PS-there is a Spencer in our gymboree class and he looks a lot like your little guy! I think they may even be the same age!


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