Sunday, March 29, 2009

Date night in dinner

Last weekend B and I stayed in for dinner on Sat night. We hadn't cooked a special dinner at home in awhile, and we were looking forward to spending a night together in the kitchen. We decided to tackle roast beef for the first time. I'm so glad we did. This recipe was excellent and would be perfect for a dinner party!! My only suggestion is to really watch the internal temperature throughout. Since we only did a 3 lb roast, it took us much less time than the recipe called for. We cooked it in our Le Crueset and clean up was a breeze. We had mashed potatoes and cipollini onions for our sides. These onions are amazing; honestly, they were the best part of the meal. Cipollini onions are expensive for the amount you get (they're quite small), but I think you could easily sub a sweet vidalia onion with similar results. B and I will definitely make this meal again and will make the onions again as a topping for chicken or for a flank steak.

*A good meat thermometer will go a long way in the kitchen!! We have a relatively inexpensive one from Crate and Barrel. It does a great job. I don't think the electronic ones are necessary.*

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