Monday, March 16, 2009

Help with color for monogram

Stopped in for a very quick Old Navy trip yesterday since I had the 30% off coupon plus 15 extra minutes before work began. I picked up an adorable white dress (can't find a pic on their website) as well as two spring cardigans. I needed a new white one, which I am going to keep plain so that it matches everything, and this adorable yellow one was calling my name. It's actually brighter and darker in person than it is showing up here. More like the citron color from JCrew. I really want to have the yellow monogrammed but am not sure which color to use for it. Originally I thought navy, but I know I'd wear it with black pants just as often. Do I stick with white so it's more versital? Any other ideas? I bought a ruffle cardi this winter in gray and am going to monogram it in hot pink. One of my friends is just starting her own monogram company, so I'm going to have her do these for me!

Please help me decide!!

PS- I have a great monogram post coming up- fantastic finds and very cool, very different designs!!


  1. What about a pretty aqua or other blue color? Love that combo with yellow. By the way, I tried to comment on the post with your wedding invitations but it didn't work. Not only do we have almost the same initials... it's because we have almost the same name! My middle name is also Elizabeth and my (married) last names is the Norwegian version of your maiden name. :)

  2. love this yellow. I am thinking something in the blue palette- you could anywhere with it from carolina blue to navy... It will all go well! :)

  3. I would do white, myself. But I like to do tone-on-tone for a monogram for it to be subtle. You might not get a thread to match the yellow, but white would be subtle and go with everything.

  4. I love hot pink with yellow! And that would go with black. Other than that, I like the turquoise idea.


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