Monday, March 23, 2009

Full weekend

B and I had a great weekend, mostly because the weather was gorgeous here, and there are starting to be signs of spring. (I will not let myself think about this coming weekend in which there is predicted SNOW!)

Saturday morning we were up early and ran 5 miles. Longest run to date! We did it in 49:21, so just slightly faster than my normal 10 min mile. After running, we came home, got ready, and went to the Chicago History Museum. The two premier exhibits were on Abraham Lincoln and Chic Chicago. Fashonistas, Chic Chicago is a must. There were so many gorgeous dresses with information on the designer, the dress, which Chicago socialite wore it, and which event it was worn to. Chanel, James, Versace, Donnna Karen, Armani, Karl Lagerfeld as well as many more were featured. Pictures were not allowed (bummer), so I have nothing to show you! The exhibit runs through July, so if you live here or are coming in for a visit, go! B wasn't huge on the fashion exhibit, but there was so much else there to see, we ended up staying for two hours. Then, we headed out for lunch at a Senagalese restaurant we had heard good things about (it was okay) and went to get some new running shoes for me. After being out and about all day, we came home to make an amazing dinner (longer post with recipes later), drank a bottle of wine, and headed to my cousin's to hang out with him and his friends. It was a ball, and we ended up being out until 1:30 in the morning. We knew a few people there, but the rest were so sweet and so much fun, we just couldn't tear ourselves away.

Sunday B slept in (a rarite around our house), I tried to finish American Wife (almost done), and we went to brunch here. Our neighborhood was so busy because of the weather. I saw tons of flip-flops; so exciting! We went back home, opened all the windows, and started a major deep clean. Every surface was dusted (including under the bed), cleaned, vaccuumed, polished, etc. We did 7 loads of laundry including the quilt, the mattress pad, etc. Our apt looks amazing now, and I feel ready for spring!! We used our stovetop smoker last night to make brisket with coleslaw, corn pudding, and cornbread. It was so yummy. I'm so glad B convinced me to register for the smoker. It's awesome!

Today we're back at work with the rest of the world. I'm so thankful for our weekend together, for the wonderful weather, and for the motivation to cook good meals and deep clean. What were you thankful for this weekend??

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  1. I am "this close" to finishing American Wife, too! I'm enjoying it - are you?



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