Friday, March 13, 2009

Since B is interviewing today.....

Because I adore looking at houses, I went to the local realty website of the area he is interviewing in and started searching. Here are a few pics of a house that is in our price range, in a great school district, and completely adorable!! It's also over 100 years old- fabulous!

front of house
one view of kitchen
master bedroom
another view of master
mud room entrance
dining room
formal living room
family room (there's a wood burning stove in here as well) foyer/entry room- isn't the fireplace gorgeous?
side view of house

Goodness it's fun to dream and think about the future!! Happy Friday everyone!

PS- Thank you girls for all your wonderful Lilly updates. I loved watching the show and seeing Hopsy speak!! So much fun. I've loved looking at the pics too! I'm also definitely jealous of the gift bags. So awesome!!


  1. The family room looks great and so very useful. I love the fireplace in the foyer!

  2. OH MY - would live there in a heartbeat - lovely layout and great features!

  3. I love this house! It feels so much like a place I want to call home!

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  5. This house is gorgeous!!!!!! I absolutely love it! i'm not a fan of wallpaper but that toile is quite becoming! You could do so much with this house- it would be a great blank slate to put all your preppy decor in! ;)

    PS- Would you mind emailing me? I'd love to talk to you more about my post and how you came to find peace in the Episcopalian church. I'm wondering how you got over the Eucharist? That seems to be the most important thing for me. Oh, and confession! ;0) Thanks!


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