Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wine for the weekend

For B's birthday, we went to a Lebanese restaurant that was BYOB. I went to Binny's to get some help selecting some wine for the meal. B and I love champagne, so I knew I wanted to start the meal with a champagne toast. Since it was just 7 of us for dinner, I only bought one bottle. Boy am I glad I got the bottle I did. It's a Spanish Cava (it anticipation of our honeymoon), pretty dry (read: not super sweet), and really wonderful. Not only did we really like it, but it also gets really good reviews. You can read a
review of the cava here.

The other bottle the wine connoisseur recommended was Petalos. Ladies, if you love reds, buy this bottle and try it!! It was around $20, and it was amazing. He told me it would work the best with any middle eastern, Greek, or Spanish food as it is a product of Spain. My bestie's husband is a huge wine drinker and definitely has a strong opinion about wine, and he loved it as much as the rest of us did. There's a discount by the case at Binny's, and I've thought about going back for a case of it. An online review of Petalos can be found here. I also am quite impressed by the label and think it's completely dinner party appropriate. The pic above isn't the greatest (it's so small), but it looks to be a hand painted watercolor.

I'd love to hear about it if any of you try either of these. Do you have any champagne recs for us?? Is anyone out there as in love with champagne as I am??


  1. A friend of mine just bought a case of wine and champagne on Sam's Wines website. You can see their recs and sort by price, etc. and then just go pick up your order at the store. She said it was a great experience.

  2. nicolas feuillatte is a great champagne, not too expensive (we get it for around $30 a bottle) but delicious. we only drink champagne on special occasions, so $30 seems reasonable.

    For reds, i do love Riojas and Tempranillos, and you can get a good number of bottles under $10. best to just sample around! For whites an AlbariƱo from rias baixas is usually a good bet :)


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