Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Greens

Since we're moving into our house on the 12th of December, it really doesn't leave time to unpack and decorate.  Especially since we'll be spending the actual holiday weekend at my mom's house.  While I'm bummed because I adore the decorating process and unpacking everything and reminiscing about it, I also know that the stress it would cause to try to unpack, get organized, and decorate would be too much for us for two short weeks.  We will at least try to get a wreath up, but that's probably all for the 09 season! 

Decorating with Greens is below.  All are so nice!

Isn't this color scheme just fantastic?  I adore colored doors, and I love the way the red pops even though it's just an accent color.

Something similar to this would be great in a formal dining room.  If you could find the frame at an estate sale or an antique store, you could actually do this quite cheaply.  If you had another piece of art that is normall on your wall in that same spot, you wouldn't even have to add an extra nail spot!

I love beadboard, and I love the creamy white china up against it with just the hint of green in the wreaths.  I'd changes the old books out for cookbooks and do something like this on open shelving in my kitchen or in built-ins in the living room with silver picture frams and candlesticks.

Are there any preppy bloggers out there who don't love this??  I think this (or something similar) would look great on our breezeway porch next year.  If I can find a red tote, then perhaps a red flowerpot?

I love blue in the bedroom, and while I know I will never decorate my bed with greenery (Junebug would eat it off for sure!), I love how this looks.  If I ran a B&B, this is exactly what I would have in the room!! 


  1. That 1st wreath with the feathers is to die for...also the hanging tote bag. Adorable.

  2. Maybe you could just go with "easy" and put a big red, Stewart plaid bow around your puppy. She could be your walking decor for Christmas.

  3. Oh, I love all of that...beautiful! I esp love the way that bed is wow WOW! Totally impractical, like you dog would have a field day with indoor foliage. But I still love it!

  4. These are great pics! Make me want to get crafty :)


  5. Ohhh, I'm going to decorate with green now!! I love it, nice post!! :)

  6. Oh I love this post, and i love holiday greens! Pepper berries are my favorite, my garland is filled with them! Good luck with the upcoming move!!

  7. Beautiful pictures! I want a bed like that. So cozy! Hope your move goes smoothly.

  8. you're good to yourself to be realistic with the move and being gone for the actual day. the wreath will be lovely and I'd think that I had woken up in Heaven if I woke up in a bed like that!



  9. I love all of these festive ideas but the first picture is my favorite!

  10. What great ideas! I love the red tote bag with greens and the wreaths on the shelves. I, too, will not be able to go all out with decorations this year since I'm going home soon for my sister's wedding. At least my parent's house will be decorated! :)


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