Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My favorite Christmas CDs

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the music.  I remember as a child starting the Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving on the big stereo in the living room and being so sad when we had to pack it away with all the Christmas decorations after Christmas was over.  I, as many of you, get so annoyed with the "Lite" stations that play Christmas music from now until the Christmas day.  It's not that I hate the idea, I just wonder why they have the same 15 songs on repeat for 6 weeks.  Seriously, there is amazing Christmas music out there and they pick the same songs over and over and over that have little to no feeling to them.  I mean, how many times can you really hear Feliz Navidad or Rockin around the Christmas Tree without wanting to vomit just a little?? 

So in honor of my love of Christmas music, I'd like to shar with you some of my favorite CDs and some of my favorite songs off of each CD.  I'd love to hear your suggestions as well, as I tend to buy at least 1 or 2 new Christmas CDs each year.  Trust me, I have quite the collection!!

B does not like Manheim, and the traditionalist in me understands that.  However, the Live cd as well as the four pack are my Christmas time staples.  Their version of O Come, O Come Emmanuel is done in Latin and amazing!!!  Traditions is all instrumental (as most of their's are) and lovely and so something you'd want to rock a new baby to.  On the live cd, there is NOTHING better than their version of God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen.  AMAZING.  I have actually seen them in concert and it's really a cool thing to watch. 

The BEST dinner party cd out there.  It's not only for the Christmas season (hence the title "Winter").  If you aren't familiar with Mr. Winston, he does contemporary piano music that is simple, soothing, and non-offensive for anyone.  His other cds are great too, but this one shines.

Last year in the blogosphere, a few people mentioned loving Amy Grant's Christmas cds.  I couldn't agree more.  All of them are wonderful (though I still don't have the newest)- she has such a great voice.  Emmanuel, Heirlooms, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, For Unto Us a Child is Born, Emmanuel God with Us, and Breath of Heaven are just a few favorites. 

All I Want for Christmas is You........need I say more?  I normally dislike "pop" Christmas songs (I'm such a traditionalist), but this cd is great!

My very, very favorite Christmas CD.  We even had it on record when I was little!  I now have the cd and cannot wait to share it with puddin.  S/he is going to adore it just as my brother and I do.  This was the cd that was always on in the car as we traveled to Grandmother's house for the holiday and our whole family knew all the words to every song.  I think this is the best gift to give a young family as they will treasure it for years.  I adore the whole cd so picking a few favorites is hard, but I'll recommend The Peace Carol, A Christmas Wish, and Silent Night.  I promise you will not regret this purchase!!

A great, very traditional instrumental Christmas CD.  Doesn't the cover just scream preppy ski lodge?  I love the bow around the French Horn.  A great cd to have on rotation during your Christmas cocktail or dinner party.  Kids will love their version of Rudolph!

If you only download one song off this CD, make sure it is When a Child is Born.  It's a wonderfully sweet Christmas song.  Charlotte is definitely more Operatic than pop or traditional, which some of you may not like, but I think she has a great voice, and she doesn't change the songs to make them weird (which I always appreciate when songs are sung rather than instrumental).

For all you Southerners (or Southern girl wanna-bes) out there that do not already have this, it is a MUST.  Tender Tennessee Christmas and Christmas in Dixie are my favorites. 

So, those are my favorites.  What are yours???


  1. LOVE this post. GW's Winter might just be the soundtrack to my soul- will think of you when I listen to his tunes now :)

    Last Christmas by Wham and The Christmas Song by Weezer are two of my absolute fav's- you hit the nail on the head though with All I Want for Christmas is You by MC and The Muppets 12 Days of Christmas- is there anything better than Beeker "beeping" his lines?!



  2. I adore the Amy Grant Christmas album. It reminds me of decorating the tree with my parents when I was younger. That c.d. was always playing in the background!

    Have a good first day at the new job =)!

  3. I love Christmas music. Amy Grant has always been a favorite of mine. Faith Hill's Christmas album is a good one too.

    Enjoy the holidays!

  4. I remember listening to that Amy Grant album on cassette when I was little. Still remains one of my faves, though now I listen to the CD version :) In the same vein as Manheim, I just adore Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Their versions of Christmas Canon and O Holy Night knock my socks off. And they're amazing in concert. Other near constant repeats are MercyMe's Christmas CD, the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack and the 98* Christmas CD. I know, I know but it's SO good.

  5. Manheim is definitely one of our favorites and I just know I would love Charlotte Church. I love the Vienna Boys Choir Christmas album as well. I know what you mean about the same song repeat. Even my 7 year old daughter asked me to change the music when Alvin and The Chipmunks came on. She said she didn't want to hear it again. Again???? It's only Dec. 1st.

  6. Good picks!! Manheim is a staple, and of course Mariah has to be thrown in there, too!! :)

  7. I love Amy Grant's Breath of Heaven...one of my all time faves. I also love Charlie Brown's Christmas...

  8. Love Manheim Steamroller - How can you not??

    Personal favs: Nat King Cole, James Taylor's Christmas Album, John Denver's Rocky Mountain Christmas, this jazz CD I got for my dad years ago that has somehow stuck around "Indigo Christmas", and Trans-Siberian Orchestra, which has an awesome PBS Special that always cracks me up.


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