Monday, December 7, 2009

A few more Christmas decorating pics

I love how homey this room looks with the not quite perfect trees and their simple white lights.  I also love, love, love that there are candles everywhere!  This room would be gorgeous and cozy at night with all the candles lit and a hot pink or red cashmere throw.

So traditional, so lovely.  Perfect for a dining room.  I will definitely be on the hunt for a tartan ribbon for gift wrapping

A simple wreath with a bow will dress up any kitchen.  Since most people don't have to space for a lot of decorating in the main hub of the house (especially with all the Christmas baking that simply must be done), this is an easy addition.  It would be great if made with bay leaves as well.  We actually will have the perfect spot for something like this in our new house!  Yea!

I adore the star garland and think this could easily be made with a thick gold scrapbooking paper, a star pattern, a hole punch, and a guazy white ribbon.  I may be working on this for the next few weeks if I can find the right paper!  While blue is my favorite color, I prefer red on my Christmas trees and can totally see this with large red balls with beautifully wrapped packages underneath!

**All images from House Beautiful**


  1. I never tire of holiday decor and decorating ideas! (I posted something similar!) I really wish everything could look so lovely and magical all year. Don't you?

  2. Love the pictures. I especially like the Christmas tree decorated in blue...very pretty. We ar eon our third week of snow, so I haven't been able to get anything done. I haven't even bought our tree yet. I may just have to bite the bullet brave the 18 degree weather to go get the tree. Wishing we would have decorated outside while the weather was nice.

  3. love the wreath in the kitchen idea- I think that you could do that and not be deemed as "decorating" for Christmas. plus if it was pared down like the one above, it could stay up after Christmas!



  4. I love these simple elegant ideas! How much fun are you going to have setting up and decorating your new home!!


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