Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gorgeous Christmas Place Settings

When we registered last year, I wanted (and received) all white for my everyday dishes.  I feel they are so much more versatile, and, with those as a basic start, you can set a table in so many different ways.  Here are a few holiday place settings I found that use white dishes for the base and add from there.  I love them all! 

This tablecloth is fantastic!  I also love the centerpiece of flowers and berries.  Tonal centerpieces are defintitely my favorite!!

I love the pewter in this picture.  Plus I love the fluted edges of the white plates and bowls.  Simple and pretty.

Love this look for a buffet.  Simple colors, beautiful china (looks like Vietri), and the variations in height(the pitcher filled with white flowers and that gorgeous soup turreen) really add an elegant look to the more rustic farm table and the incredible mantel clock.

Simple gold and white with hemstitched linen napkins.  I love the jingle bell accent!

Love this display for a buffet brunch.  So gorgeous on the silver platter.

With this vibrant tree and tablecloth stealing the show, only white plates would work.  This is such a fun and festive look.  I love that it has different pops of colors other than the traditional red and green.  Wouldn't this be great for a fun brunch around New Years as well?

Which is your favorite?  Did you also register for all white dinnerware or do you have a color or pattern?  I'd love to see your pattern (everyday or china), so please share!!

Pictures courtesy of House Beautiful and Country Living


  1. I love the all white. I wish I had done something like that instead of what we have. I love my dishes the just don't always go with everything. Our are the Brasserie Dinnerware in Blue from William Sonoma. Maybe an inexpensive set of dishes in all white are in order.

  2. The tablecloth in that last pic is gorgeous - love the colors!

  3. We dont have one single white dish in our house - I have some white corningware but that's about it! Even our everyday dishes are dark brown!

    I am really getting into tablescaping so I think I will have to buy a set of white dishes as a base and build from there :O)

  4. All beautiful! We also received neutral everyday china - the Pottery Barn Emma set. Its cream colored, with the raised dots around the perimeter and are very versatile if we want to dress up the dinner table :)

  5. What stunning pictures! I love the look of the white china with the pewter. Someting perfectly "colonial Christmas" about that!

    We also received all while everyday dinnerware from our registry. I agree, its versatile, and you can mix it in with other patterns (like Chitstmas plates!). The china I received from my grandmother is also very simple, white with a silver edge. Its perfect! Exactly what I would have picked for myself, but its more meaningful because she passed it down to me.

  6. Gorgeous! I can definately use some of those as inspiration for my own rather sad set-up!

  7. aren't you going to have so much fun using these collected inspirations next year to make your new digs full of Christmas cheer?!



  8. Love that third one especially. Just magical!


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