Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This is a live one, ladies!  Thank you all so much for your comments on my Christmas posts.  I adored finding the pictures, and you all are right- decorating our house next year is going to be SOOOOO much fun. 

Update #1:  We are not closing tomorrow.  This is a huge disappointment.  So huge that I spent 3 hours crying hysterically on Monday night.  It was a bad night.  The appropriate papers didn't come through and with my new job, they were concerned that it wasn't a permanent enough position, so they didn't want to give us the house.  In the last two days we have gotten this figured out (this is a job I'll still be at in 30 years, peeps! and thank God for all those who went above and beyond at my new job to help me with all this) and will be closing on the 22nd of December.  Not the best day or week of the year to close, but we still will be getting the house of our dreams, and we will all be together for Christmas.  That's what's important.   I'm a little (okay, a lot) stressed about the packages containing presents and the mail that are already on their way there, but we'll just figure it out.  I'm also a little overwhelmed with all the unpacking, decorating, painting, cleaning, etc, etc, etc that has to be done. 

Update #2:  News on the baby front- IT MOVED!!!  It was last week, and I was sitting on the couch, and I felt it!  I wasn't sure if it was the baby or not, but it was different than anything I've felt before.  Now I've felt the same feeling a few more times (including tonight!), and I'm pretty sure (like 85%) that it must be the baby.  What else could it be, right?  That means it's actually alive in there, and I'm not just gaining weight randomly :)  I have my first apt with my new midwife next Tuesday, so I'll get to hear the heartbeat again.  Lovey lovey lovey!!!  Right now I'm 18 1/2 weeks along and it's the size of a bell pepper. 

Update #3:  Welcome to all my new followers!  I hope you enjoy it over here.  It's going to be a sporadic month, but I promise to be more consistent in January!

Update #4:  Does anyone have a solution to incredibly itchy pregnancy skin?  I'm using a pretty thick, non-scented lotion, but I still itch constantly.  I'm not sure if it's just dry or if there is something internal related to the pregnancy.  Are any of you pregnant women or moms out there aware of this being a complication of pregnancy?  It's seriously driving me batty.  I'd love body and facial lotion suggestions to get me through the winter months!  I'll ask the midwife on Tues as well, but I know a bunch of you out there are product junkies and probably can help me out a bit!

Update #5:  GR is supposed to get 8-12 inches of snow tonight!  It's snowing right now, and it is SO pretty looking out the window.  I'm guessing that a lot of people will cancel their clinic appointments tomorrow, so it should be a light day at work.  I'm hoping the gym stays open so that I can head over after I get out!!  Do gyms close due to snowstorms?

Update #6:  I'm heading out Friday after work to go to Chicago for the weekend.  Since we won't be moving in, I want to see my puppy and my hubby and hang out with them.  I know it will make me feel a ton better.  I'm going to wrap a few presents, run a few errands, play with my dog, go to the gym and SLEEP!  It'll be so nice to be in my own bed with my hubby for two whole nights.  Yea!!!  

Gotta go, sweets, Top Chef season finale just started, and I can't miss a minute.  Team Kevin all the way!!!


  1. Try Aveeno bar soap and lotion for the itch. All the things that have stressed you out will be a thing of the past soon enough. RELAX....stress is no good for you or baby. Sing that Bobby McFerrin song to yourself..."Don't Worry...Be Happy".

  2. Sorry about the closing, but you are almost there! The 22nd is right around the corner. And next year you will be all settled and decorating with a babe in your arms!

  3. Oh, I'm sorry about your house! On the plus side, you'll still be in there before Christmas! :) AND you get a return visit to Chicago! Dress warm! There's not a lot of snow here but the high downtown is only 5 degrees and we're in double digit negative windchill. Yuck.

  4. So sorry about the closing. I know how you feel. But next year the holidays will be even better, knowing you are fully settled in your new home with your new baby.

    Enjoy Chicago!

  5. So sorry about the delay on your closing. The 22nd will be here so soon, and even if nothing gets unpacked you will have a wonderful holiday in your dream house!!!!

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about the closing but that's great that it worked out and you have the new closing date. And yay on baby movement! Itch wise, for particular areas (elbows, feet etc) you may want to try Acquaphor. Some winter nights when my feet are completely dried out and even the sheets make them insanely itchy, that's the only thing that helps. Enjoy your trip back to Chicago!

  7. I can't believe Kevin didn't win... well, with his performance I can, but still. Total bummer. As far as itchy skin, I've never been pregnant, but I know my friend used cocoa butter for her belly area to keep it moist and help prevent stretch marks.

    And total bummer on the closing, but I'm so glad things worked out for the 22nd. Our's almost got postponed too, and I had a conniption.

    Have a safe trip to Chi-town!

  8. Wonderful updates, although I am sorry to hear you will not be settling as quickly as you had hoped! But the 22nd will be here before you know it! Fantastic baby news, I am sure you are over the moon about the whole thing!

  9. So much excitement! All of my pregnant/mommy friends have told me that one of the most exciting parts of their pregnancy was when they felt the baby move for the first time. I can't even imagine how that must feel - both, you know, physically and psychologically!

    Did you end up getting all that crazy snow up there in Michigan?


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