Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It kicked me!!

I had my first midwife apt here in Grand Rapids tonight.  I am so lucky because I really like this new practitioner as much as I liked my old one- very down to earth and friendly.  We talked through a bunch of things and everything seems to be right on track.  I am getting my blood drawn this week again but nothing to be too worried about. 

The big news is that when we were listening to the heartbeat with the doppler, Puddin' kicked me!!  It was so cool to hear it and feel it all at the same time.  It did it 4 different times.  The midwife said it was "showing off for it's mommy."  That totally made me teary-eyed (Lord, I am SUCH a sap!).  I've never heard (or thought about) the word mommy being used specifically for me before.  It honestly made my heart grow like 3 sizes in about 30 seconds. 

Also, we will NOT be getting the "big" ultrasound next week which is our 20 week mark.  The u/s tech is super picky at this office and doesn't do them until 21 weeks unless there is known fetal distress.  GRRRR......  So we get in on the 30th of December instead.  The upside to this, though, is that this office automatically does the 3D u/s as their baseline u/s, so we don't have to pay any more to get awesome pictures, AND they give us a disc with all the pics on it.  This means it will be super easy to get some pictures uploaded here for you guys to see.  (You know b/c I'm sure all of you are just sitting around with bated breath waiting to see pictures of my baby, right??)

Also, we are still looking to close on the 22nd and I still love my new job!  I'm super jealous of all you planning out your Christmas lists as B and I are not exchanging gifts (what with the house and the baby and all) and all we are asking for from our families is gift cards to Home Depot and Lowe's.  How not fun, right?  I do have to say that I have really missed perusing the JCrew website this fall and winter, but my bank acct is loving that they don't make maternity clothes :)  I hope you all are getting super excited for the holiday and are enjoying all the wrapping, baking, and card writing that comes with it. 


  1. I am! I am sitting around with bated breath to see awesome 3D pictures of your baby :)

  2. P.S. Glad your appointment went well!

  3. Aww, so sweet! You should get used to Mommy...because that's you! So glad to hear that your closing date is set in stone. And - that's a week from today! Very exciting. I'm sure you are really looking forward to that! And the gift cards may not be super exciting, but think of all you can do with them!

    And by the way...don't you think that J. Crew SHOULD make maternity clothes? I certainly do!

    Cannot WAIT to see your ultrasound photos!

  4. Awwww.....congratulations. Good news. Now about Home Depot. I must be a nutter because I can even get excited about shopping there.

  5. smiles to you AEOT- loved the part about how your heart grew three sizes in 30 seconds :) you must be walking through life just smiling like mad!

    and yeah, a bit boring about the giftcards, but it is what it is and there will be other Christmases where you can do fun things- and a new (lovely) house and a baby are two pretty fabulous Christmas presents if you ask me!



  6. Those dopplers and USs are the BEST!!!! I'm all done having kids and I still kinda miss all that... really were such exciting times! Glad everything is going well on the closing and the job front!

    Are you kidding? We still prefer gift cards to those "ugh" items that are so not us! Home Depot gift cards rock, and if you are like me you never will be done with your home... until you move!

  7. I can only imagine what an amazing feeling it is to have a little one you can feel from the inside out!

  8. Awww, that's so wonderful!! I've never heard of the process that you're doing at the end of the month, but it sounds awesome!! Best of luck and happy holidays :)

  9. How exciting! I can't even imagine what it must feel like to be pregnant and feel the baby kick and move about! I can guess its pretty amazing!

    I hope the closing goes well, and you're all settled in really soon!


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