Sunday, November 29, 2009

Next few weeks

Hi Ladies!

I hope you all had a truly wonderful Thanksgiving.  We had a nice time with B's family.  I'm really feeling so much better- I haven't had any nausea for days now.  I have been exhausted the last few days, but whether that is due to the pregnancy, the stress of all the new things to come, or going out every night for the last 3 nights is anyone's guess.  Probably a little of each.  Today (Sunday) I am leaving B and Junie to drive to GR where I start work TOMORROW!!!!!!!!   Crazy.  I can't believe all the change is actually beginning.  I"m just praying for clarity, peace, and a good sense of direction in my new town :)  Oh, and that nothing happens with the closing!

I do have some Christmas posts scheduled for the next two weeks, but it'll be kind of sporadic around here.  B is keeping our computer at home, so I won't have my own in GR.  Instead I'll have to check all of my accounts from his cousin's.  I'll try my best to keep up with everyone, but with everything that is going on, I'll probably be pretty spotty with commenting and posting for the next few weeks.  I absolutely promise that I will be up and running full speed after Christmas, and, hopefully, the week before! 

We have our first midwife apt with the new group on the 15th of December, so I'll do my best to get on and fill you in on puddin.  By the way, he/she is the size of a turnip this week (5 1/2 inches long and 5 oz).  I haven't felt any movement or flutters yet, but hopefully it'll happen soon!!  We have our big ultrasound the week after Christmas (they do it in their practice at 21 weeks).  I am so looking forward to seeing the baby.  I know I'll just be treasuring those photos until he/she is actually here!

See you in a few!  Enjoy the start to your holiday season.  I can't wait to read all of your holiday posts and hear the latest blog land gossip!!


  1. How exciting! I'm sorry I didn't send congratulations earlier. I'm so so happy for you! Glad you're going with a midwife, too (of course I'm a little biased :))--hopefully that will be a wonderful experience, for you, your husband, and the little one. Best of lucky for a healthy and easy pregnancy!

  2. How great to have so many wonderful and exciting things to look forward to. A little life changing is good for you. It makes you a much stronger person and well rounded. No joke intended (seriously). Good to hear your over the sicky feeling. Try ot be kind to yourself though. Best wishes at your new job. It's going to be great.

  3. How exciting.... I hope work tomorrow goes wonderfully well!

  4. Okay, WOW. Somehow I totally missed that whole "I'm pregnant" post...not sure how! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! So freaking exciting!!!!

  5. So wonderful to hear all is going well with the little one :)

  6. Wait until you feel those flutters. It's magical!


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