Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Love this face.............

Just look at those eyes..................she's such a spoiled baby because of them!

(please ignore the drool on the back of the couch........it comes with the wrinkles!)

Today I am thankful for the library system.  I am a voracious reader, and I could NEVER afford to buy all the books I read.  I'd seriously be broke and naked!  I love that the library system here in Chitown allows me to reserve books I want to read by going online- I hope it's the same way in GR (and I hope there is a library that is close to my house)!!  BTW- I need some new books to read..........any suggestions?


  1. With my Kindle I never actually hold a book anymore...But, when I was little the weekly library visits was my favorite day.
    And Junebug is adorable!

  2. Such a cute pup!
    I have so many on my list I'm hoping to get a few as presents. Yes, for some do the library, for others that I kmow I will love and want to build up my library, I will buy.

  3. Oh my gosh...what kind of dog is that? Looks like a Mastiff. Lovely...absolutely lovely. Gotta love those eyes.

  4. I love your buddy, what a sweet guy! And you are darling! Love libraries! My mother in law is actually a librarian in Connecticut, in charge of the childrens books!

  5. Aw, that makes me miss my doggy. Good for you for frequenting the library! I buy books far too often, when I could be getting them at the library and saving tons of money.

  6. so sweet!!!

    Check out Queen Bee Swain's giveaway!!! I want to read THAT book!

  7. SO cute! I should make trips to the library more often...I just go to Borders and my bank account hates me haha.


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