Sunday, November 8, 2009

Today I am thankful for......

Gorgeous weather in Chicago.  While I am at work (yesterday, today and tomorrow- all of which are temps in the high 60s- low 70s), which is a huge bummer, it is nice to know that my fellow Chicagoans are able to enjoy one last gorgeous fall weekend before winter is upon us.  B enjoyed the day yesterday with a 13 mile run (his first long run since the marathon) and an afternoon trip to the park with Junie.  Today he is getting in one last round of golf.  I hope everyone around here decides to truly enjoy the sunshine and warm temps!!!

Just in case you think these thankful posts are too Pollyanna for you, I want to let you know that today I am NOT thankful for a puppy who chewed up my black heels yesterday to unrecognizable levels.  Ummmm.....thanks Junebug, let me know when you get a job and can afford to replace them.  I swear I could've killed Blair when he called to tell me, and while I know it wasn't his fault in the least, it was a definite case of shoot the messenger.  Darling shoes now destroyed by a puppy who can't work (no thumbs really compromises the job market!).  GRRRR!!!!!!


  1. This week was soooo cold here but this weekend has been very mild! Next week it will probably snow lol!

    The puppy stage is the worst!

  2. Pollyanna Rules- keep 'em coming :)


  3. I know, if only Chicago weather could stay this way!

  4. I am always afraid when I am with my family that one of the dogs will do the same!


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