Monday, November 9, 2009

Today I am thankful for.................

my job.  Though today is my 3rd 12 (technically 13.5) hour shift in a row, and I am tired, tired, tired, I am so thankful that I have a job where I feel confident in my abilities, I feel that what I do matters, and I get to interact with children.  Can I tell you that there is not much better than the smile and laugh of a 15 month old?  Or the praise from a parent who feels you are an angel sent to take care of their child?  While there are definitely days when I'm frustrated, exhausted, and starving at the end of my shift, I love that God blesses me with the kindness of heart to walk into a room at the very end of the day to make sure that no one else needs anything before I leave.  How can you not when you know there is a quick smile or a small word of thanks waiting for you.  And even though there are families who are mean, crabby, sleep deprived, weird, or rude at all hospitals, all it takes is one positive, happy family to make up for it.  It's amazing how little positive feedback you need in order to make your day a great one!! 

I'm so thankful that my job also provides a paycheck enough for me to pay for all my basic needs, some fun splurges, and a healthy savings account.  I am blessed, and I hope on this Monday morning you feel blessed too in whatever job you are doing!!  We couldn't appreciate our days off without having a work ethic strong enough to get us to those vacation days!!


  1. What a great post! Hang in there on your long day!

  2. Happy Monday, great post. Loved yesterday's too, it was beautiful out!!!

  3. You are fantastic! I think your job is one few can do well, and it sounds like you are an angel! How lucky, and trully how blessed to have a great job that you love! Hang in there...12 hours! You go girl!!

  4. Your job sounds amazing...I often wish I would have gone into a medical field to work with children.

  5. great post and I second MCW- it must feel great to know that your actions and decisions have immediate and tangible affect on a child's life!

    keep on rockin'



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