Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One sad puppy!

Today was Junebug's visit to the vet for her spay.  B dropped her off this a.m. while I was on the phone with the new hospital and then he also picked her up this evening when she was done.  I can't believe how sad she looks, how lethargic she is, and how sad it makes me!  While I know that it is necessary for her to be spayed, it's still hard to see her acting like this, you know??  She doesn't get to eat tonight which is a good thing because she's already dry heaved twice.  Poor, poor thing!!!!!!!!  They said she can eat tomorrow, so hopefully she will also be a little more active as well.  Right now she can barely even lift her head or her paws off the ground.  She normally plops herself on the couch right between Blair and I, and tonight she is just looking soooo pathetic and laying on the floor.  Situations like this make you realize how important dogs become in a family!!!

Today I am thankful for.................FINALLY receiving my Michigan RN License.  The process took forever, and I was very concerned about not being able to start my job on time.  However, everything worked out, and I will be starting my job on November 30th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


  1. I remember when we had our dog spayed.. she looked completely helpless :( Thankfully, dogs are very loving and forgiving.. she was as good as new after a couple of days! Wishing Junebug a speedy recovery!

  2. Congrats on your license! In regard to the comment you left about navy blue rooms, check out Chic Coles' entry from the other day - just what you may be looking for:

  3. Hope that Junebug is feeling better. Also congrats on RN license.

  4. Congrats on the license!!!

    Poor Junebug! Wishing her the speediest of recoveries!

  5. Poor puppy! And poor puppy mama! Hpe she gets feeling better! And congrats on the license! What an awesome month for you guys!!


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