Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today I am thankful for......

winning two blogger giveaways in the month of October and one in November!!!!!!  Isn't that super fun? 

I won these darling notecards from Coyne and Pinckney Stationary and MMM during one of her great giveaways.  If she isn't in your daily rotation of blogs, she should be!  She's living a wonderful life in NYC with her hubby, A, and her most adorable baby boy, J while missing her southern roots! 

Summer Wind (one of the cutest, preppiest college bloggers out there) hosted a bow tie giveaway from Fine and Dandy Shop.  Obviously I entered this one for B.  He adores bow ties- and looks fantastic in them if I do say so myself!!!  If you are searching for an upscale gift for any man in your life, this is a great shop to head to.  The packaging was masculine but still perfectly done, and the quality of the tie is a lot better than other bow ties I've looked at.  It's thicker and stiffer which when tying a bow tie really, really matters!!  I can't wait until he wears this next summer with his navy blazer.

Miss Queen Bee just hosted a giveaway for her local JL Cookbook.  I am beyond excited to receive this in the mail as I adore new cookbooks.  Finding wonderful new recipes is so exciting to me.  It's one of the reasons I love the blogworld so much (well that and all the shopping advice!).  She is such a doll, and I seriously read her posts right away each morning as I know they are going to make me laugh and brighten my day!!

I'm not normally the girl who wins stuff, so I feel very blessed lately!  Have a wonderful day ladies!!


  1. Lucky girl! You should head to Vegas this weekend :)

  2. You are the luckiest! I won the book from Queen Bee too! I can't wait for it to arrive and check it out!

  3. How fun! Congrats! And thank you for your wonderful comment on my post about my Aunt.. it was definitely comforting. She is doing great and looks like she is in the clear :)


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