Thursday, November 19, 2009

Top Chef!

Do any of you watch this show?  B and I love it and look forward to it every Wednesday night.  Seriously, with it on right after Glee, it's probably the best night of TV for us.  The final four were revealed last night, and we could've told you it would be these three pretty much from the beginning.  We did really like Eli (who went home last night) and think that Jen is always SO down on herself, but we certainly weren't surprised last night. 

Kevin is by far our favorite.  He's a great chef, LOVES pork (as we do in our household), cooks very down to earth yet gorgeous things, is really sweet, and wins based on his simplicity.  Everything he makes we both look at each other and say how good it looks.  We're praying he wins and that we can head to Atlanta someday to eat in his restaurant.  Plus, he's a total teddy bear!!!  Just look at that face!  Okay now take one more look and tell me he doesn't look just like this man........

Yup, he's the real life incarnation of Yukon Cornelius from the Rudolf movie!!  This totally cracks B and I up every single week!!

Michael and Brian (two of the other four finalists) are brothers, and while we wouldn't mind if Brian won (Jen just doesn't stand a chance with her defeatist attitude- she needs a little more Pollyanna in her!), we are totally rooting against Michael.  While that is rude, I know, he is just such a jerk to his brother and the other contestants, and he is SO cocky.  Two more weeks to go and we'll find out the winner!! 

Today I am thankful for.......................sweet bloggers who answer questions for me even though they're busy, a tummy that is feeling significantly better in the past few days, and the yummy fruit I bought at the store yesterday.  Oh, and all kinds of cooking shows.   YUM!


  1. Girls love this show. They are always watching it.

  2. love you for the claymation connection- my sis and I cannot get enough of claymation- glad you can't either :)



  3. Love Top Chef, watched it every wk. So happy about the final four and I'm rooting for Jen or Kevin!!

  4. I love Top Chef! We are rooting for Kevin, Mr. Macho looking man cracks us up!

  5. Yes, Mikey (eminem) Voltaggio is a jerk. There's a review of Kevin's ATL Restaurant at The Troll Report today. The restaurant seems to fit Kevin's culinary philosophy nicely.

  6. Go check out my blog and prepare to be jealous. ;) When you want to come down and go to Woodfire, I'll babysit and you and B can stay with us. :)

  7. Wow. Kevin totally looks like Yukon Cornelius!!! That's crazy.

    I like Kevin but I'm also tired of him winning. I guess that's kind of silly because he's winning b/c he's good, but it's also kind of boring to watch week after week, you know?

    I think my favorite is actually Brian. I don't know why but I've liked him since week 1.

  8. Haha, YES! He was most definitely as squishy and nice as he seems. So gracious and took time to speak with us briefly and (obviously) pose for a picture. I want to be his friend. ;) And, you're on for next fall. Saddle up and head on down! :)

  9. Haha, that yukon look alike is great. We have a top chef party every week with friends! I'm team Kevin all the way, though I'll be happy if anyone wins but Michael--


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