Friday, November 20, 2009

Weekend Plans (and beyond)

We have a busy weekend ahead of us with a lot of loose ends to wrap up before the big move.  Here's how life plays out for us over the next few weeks

Friday:  Gym, packing clothes, supplies, hair stuff, books, everything I'll need for two weeks in MI while starting a new job, grocery store, dinner date with B

Sat:  Haircut at 9 (1st since May!!), UM/OSU game at 11, baking all afternoon for Friend Thanksgiving on Sunday,ensure packing is complete

Sunday:  Drive to Milwaukee to have lunch with my aunt and pick up a piece of furniture for our new house, drive home, make sure desserts are ready to go, Friend Thanksgiving dinner at 5 p.m. (this involves a VFW hall, 45 people, amazing food, tons of alcohol, and a pie in the face for one of the guests.  Definitely one of the bests nights of the year).

Monday:  Wake up super early and hit the road for Grand Rapids.  I have to have a drug screen and a physical for the hospital in order to start on Monday.  Could they have told me this earlier so that I could have scheduled it for the same day as the house inspection??  Apparently not.  So, another 6 hours in the car for a 45 minute apt.  Joy.  That night I'm meeting a bunch of my co-workers out for a going away dinner.  That will definitely be the redeeming point of the day!

Tues and Wed:  Work full days

Thursday: Say my official good-bye to Chi-town as I drive out of the city for the last time as a resident (this is sad now that I'm writing it!!)  Drive to Toledo to celebrate Thanksgiving with B's family where we'll stay until Sunday.  B will then drive back to the city with Junebug as I drive to GR to start in orientation on Monday.  It's going to be a crazy two weeks living apart, starting a new job, closing on the house, and trying to organize moving from afar.  However, I know it is SO worth it in the long run!!

So, that's my life in a nutshell.  There are going to be lists galore going on over at my house.........

Today I am thankful for.........the stress associated with moving because it means that a new adventure is coming our way.  And diet sierra mist because it's the most exciting drink I can currently partake in. 


  1. What a party,...a pie in the face for a guest! Love it! How fun!

    Good luck with all you have to do. Exciting times!

  2. Sounds like a busy couple of days--have fun!


  3. Wow! I thought I was busy. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday and good luck with your new job.I worked in the ER for years. I've retired to motherhood (for now anyway).

  4. It made me tired just reading all of that. I am so excited for you and all of these changes! Enjoy every minute...

  5. Wow, busy weekend ahead of you! Hope it's a good one!

  6. Ha, I love the diet sierra mist part. :) As if the holidays aren't busy enough, add in starting a new job and buying a house. I am NOT jealous. :) Congrats on all of it though!

  7. Wow! You have quite the agenda! I always like packing, because it gives you the chance to go through your closet and purge items that you haven't used in forever! Plus it allows you to make room for the new purchases!

    Have a good weekend =)

  8. Busy busy emotional week for you missy! Best of luck to you for a safe drive! So exciting to start this new chapter!!

  9. Wow! You've certainly got a hectic and emotional schedule, as well as a lot of new changes physically... hang in there, and make sure that you really drink in every moment to create lasting memories!

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