Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Today I am thankful for.......

one clean pup!!  Last night B and I gave Junie a bath in the bathtub (hilarity ensued!!), and by the color of the water running off her, she definitely needed it.  She smells so much better and her coat is so soft! 

I had to take her to the vet last week for what I thought was a yeast infection in her ear (and I was right).  We're now cleaning her ears every day and using a cream in them twice a day.  So far the redness (beefiness) has definitely improved and the smell (it was AWFUL) has gone away, but there is still some leftover redness, and she is still itching the area.  I'm going back next Monday for a recheck, and if it's not completely better, she'll probably be put on an oral medication.  Vet bills aren't fun!!  Luckily I can see her feeling better, so it makes it worth it. 

So clean pups, fun in the bathtub, a horribly messy and then completely spotless bathroom are my thanks today!!


  1. Clean pups smell so good! The wet dog smell...not so much...

  2. Ah yes, pooch bath time, always an adventure! Tilly loathes every second of hers and makes sure we know all about her unhappiness! It's great to hear about Junie's ears are better, it's a good reminder for us to do a better job with Tilly's, she has similar issues.

    And congratulations on the contract, that is HUGE news, yippee-skippee!

  3. We had to deal with a yeast infection in the ear early this summer, the smell was so nasty!! Glad the pup is clean and happy once again!

  4. Poor puppy! We have dealt with that as well! No fun, but a trip to the vet usually does the trick!

  5. The pup o' my heart terribly needs a bath, and bless her heart has yeast infections in her ears almost constantly.

  6. We used to have a lab that would get yeasty ears, not a good smell.

  7. Oh a clean puppy! That is nice. I feel the same way after my children are bathed LOL xoxo



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