Thursday, April 9, 2009

Don't try this at home......

I knew I wouldn't get my full workouts in this week because you can't exactly hire a babysitter if you are the babysitter! She did have gymnastics two days this week, so I was able to work out during those times. Since preschool is on spring break, there was no other "break time" for me in this whole 8 days. And let me tell you, they are LONG days!!

So last Saturday I decided to put her in her umbrella stroller (all 45lbs of her) and run to see how far I got. It was about 3.9 miles though I definitely walked some of the uphills. I did it in 47 minutes. Today we went out again, and I did 4 miles in 46 minutes. My arms are more sore than my legs!! Umbrella strollers are NOT meant for running!! The steering is horrible, the don't do cracks well, and the handles aren't ergonomically correct. BUT both days were major workouts for me, and if I can do this, I can definitely run 6.2 on the 18th!! I'm almost at my last week of training, I've done three 5 milers, and I know that B will help to push me through at the end.

Also, I now give so much credit to stay at home moms. This is hard work people!! Especially when you don't know any other moms in the area to "play" with. And especially when she is a talker!! It's mostly been just the two of us at home for 8 days straight! We have gone to the park twice, gone to the mall, done Build-a-bear, WENT TO SONIC, gymnastics, etc. We also made flower bouquets out of felt to give to each member of her family when they walk through the door. I have to admit, they are pretty darn cute!!

I told her mom the other day that she said to me "I don't like you like I love my family. You just don't understand us kids like my mommy does." Her mom laughed and asked me if she had said "You are not in my heart like Jesus." Apparently that's her way to get back at her mom. I'm still laughing at that!! She's definitely verbal!!

Coverage for the Master's begins this afternoon on USA (just in case you were wondering!)
Ta Ta!!


  1. This post made me laugh. Yeah, the SAHM thing is not always a walk in the park, but it is totally fun. You're such a nice friend to do this!

    I was laughing at the visual of you running with an umbrella stroller!

  2. You ran with an umbrella stroller? Go you! I am really tall so I have to bend slightly to reach the handles.


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