Sunday, April 12, 2009

What a perfect ending

While I was in MI babysitting, I finished

I can honestly say that this was my favorite of the four. It was such a page turner, and I loved reading about Renesme. Such an interesting plot development. I was incredibly happy with the way she ended the series. It was absolutely perfect!!!! Endings of series are always hard, and I never know if I'm going to walk away still liking the books. Stephanie Meyer did a great job, and I will definitely be excited to re-read these at a later date!

Anyone out there disagree or did you like the ending just as much as I did?

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  1. I eventually liked the ending but I'll admit that what happened after their honeymoon at first seemed to me that Stephenie Meyer had "jumped the shark." But I'm glad it had the ending it did because I could not bear it otherwise. I have now gone back and re-read parts of the others. I skimmed so much just to find out what happened that now I need to go back and really read everything again. Or maybe I don't *need* to, but I can't let Edward go yet.


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