Monday, April 20, 2009

Packing for Florida

B and I are leaving at 0600 on Friday morning for a quick weekend getaway to see his parents, brother, sister-in-law, two nieces, and nephew. We haven't seen them since our wedding in August!! It's going to be a great weekend with incredible weather. B's parents live in Ponte Vedra (near Jacksonville) and his brother's family lives in St. Augustine. The beach club his parents belong to is fantastic- the beach just stretches on for miles and miles. I haven't seen hide nor hare of a beach since the end of August, and this girl is itching to get her body some sun!! Plus the kids are at really fun ages, and they love to swim in the ocean and the pool. I'm not as bikini body ready as I'd like to be, but I'm not letting that stop me at all!!

Here's my packing list so far. I have to pack during the day on Wed since we have dinner plans Wed. night and Thursday is a long workday for me. We'll see how much things change between now and then! I always have to try on all my outfits during the packing process to make sure I love them enough to take them on the trip and make sure I'm not missing any accessories/appropriate undergarments/etc. Do any of you do this as well or am I just weird?

Friday- 81 Degrees (day), 68 degrees (night)
Day (Plane, lunch with parents, seeing museum where his mom is docent):Aqua dress, gold flip flops, gold sand dollar pendant, white cardigan
Night (Cocktails at club, dinner at beach club): White capris, Navy and white J Crew blazer, white tee, monogrammed Bonannos, pearl earrings, gold clutch

I'm trying to decide if I'll be too warm in the blazer while we're at dinner. Everything is air conditioned to the hilt, so I feel like I'll need it. What do you all think? I don't just want to wear white pants with a white tee if I get too warm, you know?

Sat- 81 degrees (day), 68 degrees (night)
Day (beach!): Bathing suit, gold flip flops, pink tunic (worn as dress) or white long cotton dress
Night (Dinner downtown St Augustine): Jeans, white and gold j crew tee, white BR short sleeved jacket, gold heels, gold bracelets, gold clutch

Sunday- 80 degrees
Day (church and lunch)- Lilly dress, gold heels
Travel home- Jeans, white tee, yellow ruffle cardigan, gold belt, gold heels, pearls


  1. we're cut from the same cloth- I created an Excel program for packing to list all of the clothes and then categorize into outfits depending on the day and the occasion that takes place during the day!

    just a great sense of control, isn't it- to chart out your outfits??!!!! :)


  2. That sounds divine. I hope it ends up being a wonderful time. If there is going to be air conditioning, I would definitely plan to bring something to cover up. Some places keep the air conditioning on way high. I'm going to have to live vicariously through you because I still can't imagine breaking out the summer wear. We're still in light jacket mode up in the Northeast. Enjoy!

  3. I totally do the same thing when I pack! Your outfits sound adorable and I am SOOOO jealous...I hope you have a FABULOUS time!
    ps I saw in the previous post that B went to Miami...I go there now and love it!!

  4. Have fun!!! I grew up (mostly) in Jacksonville, and I always love going to the PV Club or Lodge for beach days. So fabulous! I wish I were going to be there this weekend, but just two weeks until the TPC! Woohoo!


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