Tuesday, April 28, 2009


*We had a great time in FL last weekend. Friday, B's parents picked us up from the airport, we drove through old Jax, had lunch on the river, went to the pool, and had lunch with them and the 5 (bil, sil, 3 kids) at the beach club. We ate out on the porch overlooking the ocean and after dinner went in to the club to dance to the live band. The three kids loved the band and we probably danced for at least 45 minutes!!
*Sat we got up slowly, had a great breakfast, and went to the beach for most of the day. It was glorious, and my body was completely shocked by the sunshine! We went home and got ready for dinner at A1 Ale House in downtown St. Augustine. The wait was horrendous (especially while trying to entertain a 6 year old and 4 1/2 year old twins!). Dinner was great though.
*Sunday we went to church with the 5 (B's parents go to a different church and since we were staying with the 5, it was easier to go to their church) and then met his parents at the TPC Club at Sawgrass.

The clubhouse is brand new and gorgeous!! We ate out on the covered part of the porch (my shoulders were glad for that) and walked around the course after lunch. They are getting ready for the players which is going on May 7th through 10th, so everything looks so lush and green. Everyone loved their lunch- very casual yet very good.
*Today I picked up my graduation gown and hood for the ceremony next Thursday!! I'm going to look like I just stepped out of Hogwarts with this get-up on. It's got weird sleeves and the hood is just too comical!! Oh well, I'll wear it with pride knowing that all I have to do now is pass boards in June!!
*I finished 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' on the plane. It was a fascinating read and very engrossing. I wasn't thrilled with the last three pages, but other than that, I would highly recommend.
*Pulled out my suitcase for Spain today!! Only 16 days left until we leave, and I want to start putting things in the suitcase to start getting organized. I like to pack early (obviously!!) and am a huge overpacker, so this way I can put in everything I think I'll need and then have B help me edit!! (ANY packing advice would be greatly appreciated!!)
*Ordered my review book for my boards. I refuse to take it to Spain, but I'd like it to arrive before we leave.


  1. Oh how lovely!!! What a great post and thanks for sharing. Xoxo-BLC

  2. sounds like an amazing weekend! thx for the sweet comment on my blog - little Q is adorable and he's 80% of the reason I considered staying until my sister assured me that they aren't staying in NYC permanently either. Good thing about unemployment is I've had lots of time with him lately! Enjoy the rest of your week. Your big trip will be here sooo soon

  3. how much fun is your life right now! :)


  4. Wow that is quite an architectural and landscaping creation. I'm so glad it was wonderful, and I'm super jealous about the Spain trip!

  5. I think that the most important thing about packing for Spain is to dress nicely, which i happen to know you always do :) I always felt out of place wearing tank tops in Barcelona, like people were starting at me, but i did it anyway. stay away from flip flops in the city as well, you dont want to call attention to your "guiri" status. Skirts and pants are better for women in the city even if it is deathly hot and you just want to wear shorts. The dress code is more casual in beach towns, but always dress up for dinner. ¡Que teneis un buen viaje! or even better ¡que tens buon viatge!


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