Thursday, April 30, 2009

So sorry!


I have drawn the winner for the necklace and taken pics of the drawing, the whole nine yards. However, the swine flu has wreaked havoc on my life in that the hospital was incredibly insane today and I had to work in the ED which I NEVER have to do. I didn't sit down all day and I got a five minute lunch break (for a 12.5 hr shift). I'm not kidding when I say that it was so busy and parents (and locals schools) are slightly (okay, really) crazy about this stuff. Our emergency department had 394 people come through yesterday (only 12 of which were actually sick and needed to be admitted to the hospital). The previous number for the busiest day was 280. INSANE!!!!

So, tonight, I just ate dinner (I thank God for my wonderful husband who made a great meal) and now I'm off to bed. I can't even fathom anything else. I promise that one of you will be surprised this weekend. I have to go in for another 12 hr shift tomorrow, so I will try to post tomorrow night, but it could be Saturday morning. Please don't be mad!! My brain cells just can't function enough to do anything anymore!

Have a great Friday and, if you are going to the Derby, have a great weekend there! I'll be catching up on all your blogs on Saturday, and I hope you all are posting super fun things for me to read about. I can't wait to veg on the couch and read Sat morning after my run!!


  1. im so sorry work was crazy...full of hypochondriacs! i know this swine stuff is supposed to be serious but w the symptoms being regular flu stuff i'd probably assume it was allergies ;)

  2. I'm sorry it's been crazy for you :( The media is seriously freaking people out tsk tsk

  3. Stay calm and just think soon the swine flu mania will pass.

  4. Wow, what a week for you. I hope things start to calm down very soon and you make it through! That's got to be a stressful situation.

  5. no worries, no worries- you need to focus on you and getting through it all and being the best you that you can be this week

    *digital hug*


  6. Hang in there Miss UNP, it sounds like a super-stressful time for you. Hopefully it will calm down, although the odds of that happening seem slim right now.

    Sending good thoughts,


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