Friday, April 10, 2009

The search for white pants

If you are a size 0, 2, or 4, I'm sure finding white pants isn't a problem (feel free to correct me if I am wrong!), but since I am not one of those sizes, finding white pants is my nemesis!!! Either they are too tight in the wrong places, the pockets show through, there aren't belt loops, they're too see through everywhere, etc. Plus, once I find a pair I like, by the end of the summer, I inevitably spill something on them that just wont come off. I am definitely the body shape that is much smaller in the waist than in the hips and thighs, so if you are built like me...........

I would like to present you with my new perfect fit white pant!!!! The Ann fit pant from Ann Taylor Loft. They are lined so you can't see the pockets, they're appropriate for work, they're just dressy enough but not over the top, and they are a perfect mix of ankle length/capri length. They also have a fantastic deep cuff at the bottom that is a great detail. I tried them on yesterday and bought them on the spot!!!

They're also on sale right now at a great price. I'm thinking about scooping up a black pair as well!!! If you haven't tried them on yet, you really should. I think you will be just as excited as I am!!!


  1. Yay Ann Taylor!!! You can never go wrong with that store!!

    Cute blog, glad I found it. :)

  2. Nope. I'm a 0/2, and it's still a pain trying to find nice white pants. I'll definitely check these out!

  3. I bought a pair almost exactly like those about 5 years ago at an Ann Taylor outlet and I am sad because they're sort of looking a bit worn. Thanks for the tip on ATL.

    I think the worst problem with white pants is the lining issues. Some brands don't line except the pockets and then you can see the difference. It looks so bad. White pants should be a thick enough material or lined!

  4. i HATE pant shopping!!!! i definately want to try these since you recommend them!


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