Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just finished bawling my eyes out!

I'm not crying for a bad reason. I'm crying because the pics I just saw made me happier than I've been in awhile and also made me miss N more than I have in a long, long time!!

I posted before about my bestie and her adorable twin boys who were little miracle NICU babies. A few of our friends went together for their shower gift and bought them a session with this amazing photographer for their first birthday pics. Since they had been in the NICU so long, they never had newborn pictures done, and they were still so little and fragile when they came home, inviting people into their home wasn't high on N and M's list of priorities.

Just today, Ksenija posted the one year pics on her blog. You can see them here. Once you open the slide show, you'll be hard pressed not to get a little choked up. Especially if you are a mom. They're just such amazing pictures!! Honestly, she's an amazing photographer---I feel so blessed that they will have this adorable age captured forever!

My favorites are this

and this .

And can we all marvel at how well Henry's eyes match the color of the leather perfectly???

If you are in Michigan and are looking for a group gift for a shower or for a photographer for yourself, do yourself a favor and book Ksen. Also, her blog is a visual work of art, so if you love eye candy, add her to your reader!!!

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