Thursday, April 16, 2009

My economic stimulus package!

A few new purchases............
A new Land's End Tote with our last name monogramed in script across the front. I got it in the large size to use as a beach bag.

A few outlet purchases today.... A new dress (aqua), pink button down, and sandollar necklace from JCrew, a striped sweater from the Gap ($13!), the pink and green headband from RL, and a gold belt from Banana. The dress is super duper comfy and will be great for casual summer weekends and to wear to and from the beach.

I picked up these Lilly bow ties the other day at TJ Maxx for $19.99!!! B is trying to decide which one (or two) he is going to keep. He looks great in a bow tie, and we have a few weddings he could wear them to this summer. All are pretty sedated for Lilly but also bright and fun! The one that is harder to see is pink with navy anchors. Anybody want to help us decide?? I'll be returning the ones we don't pick this weekend.

It was so nice to have the day off today and shop for awhile. I also got in my last run (3.5 miles) before the race this weekend!! Back to work for the rest of the week....... Are you guys getting this gorgeous weather where you live?? It could be as high as 70 here on Friday!! Wow!


  1. I'll trade you for the LP bow tie I paid FULL PRICE for that DH refuses to wear (or even acknowledge for that much). He "doesn't like paisley"! Men.


  2. The totes are fabulous. I like the tie with the anchors the best, but I guess it really depends on your DH.

  3. they are all just fabu and what a great way to stimulate the economy :) btw- the little michigan love-bug is just too darling for words- what fab luck you had to get to play house with such a sweetheart :)



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