Friday, April 3, 2009

Help me with my debate, ladies

Okay, so as mentioned in my last post, I am babysitting in MI for the week. Miss Cutiepie and I went to run a few errands today after dying Easter Eggs (great success by the way!). While driving down the street, what did we happen upon???? Oh, yes, it was a SONIC!!!! Now, this may be common place to those of you who live in the south, but, us northerners???????? Sonic is a legend just like Chik-fil-A. So I call B, so frickin excited about the fact that Miss Cutiepie and I are going to have Sonic for lunch one day this week (the diet is totally off for this meal). He tells me that I can have as much Sonic as I want- mmmmmm tatertots- but that I can't have an Orange Cream Slush b/c that's dessert!!!!!!!!!!


So, the question is, is a drink a dessert????? I don't feel that an orange cream slush is the same as a milkshake by any means. But, neither B nor I have broken Lent even one teensy tiny bit. If I could get Sonic every day, I would totally listen to him and not get an OCS, but since there aren't any in Chicago, this could be my only opportunity. But if it's a dessert, I don't really want to break my covenant to God either. So, I really, really need help with this (as inconsequential as it may seem!!!). Let me know if you would consider it a dessert or not.

Thanks, lovelies!!!


  1. Totally NOT a dessert... not a milkshake... so not dessert. Enjoy it girl! Sounds like you are going to have a great week!

  2. I am totally the wrong person to weigh in because I am the queen of finding exceptions to things I've given up for Lent! Nonetheless, I would NOT consider an orange cream slush a dessert :)

  3. I had never heard of sonic until I started reading blogs written by ladies living in the south. I would not consider that a dessert at all, especially not if it's the only thing you're drinking along with your meal.

  4. I would definitely say it isn't a pudding as is it is not solid!

  5. ooooh lady- there is a loophole! my very catholic gram informed me a year ago that during Lent, one gets a day of rest, so to speak, from what they gave up- so go bananas!

    thank you again for the fab recipe inspiration and your even more amazing words of encouragement- it meant a lot :)

    happy weekend


  6. I hope you went! I LOVE Sonic there's one forty minutes from me and I always want to go!

  7. What lovely photographs!

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment on my blog. Sometimes it's easy to forget to make time to be with one's family, and you're right--my Grandfather would definitely be smiling to see us all together!

  8. I don't know how you came out on this, but I looked on Sonic's website and they have locations in the Chicago area - burbs. Algonquin, Aurora, Country Club Hills, Lockport and Bartlett. So if you and B ever find yourselves craving it, you could do a road trip from the city! I knew there must be one around here somewhere because I see their commercials on TV.

    Also, on the menu, the slushies are clearly drinks and not with the dessert items. ;-)


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